We offer extensive tailored consultation for your upcoming project, no matter the size or shape. 

We can provide:

  • Initial discussion to ascertain the core needs of your design or idea

  • Simple Design drawings and concept advancement

  • Professionally executed BCA compliant drawings for any dwelling or structure

  • Engineering attainment with local engineers

  • Materials estimates

  • Budgets

  • Labour times and cost estimates

  • Liaising with local councils

With years of hands on experience living and breathing SuperAdobe and natural building techniques, Hayden and his team have a very rare skillset to share insight into how to best execute your project. You’ll get access to all of the tiny details that only experience can teach. We partner with experienced drafters, architects and engineers to bring your ideas onto paper and turn your dreams into reality. Nothing is too strange, too small, too wild, or too weird! 

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