Curvatecture aims at delivering SuperAdobe and Natural Building techniques to schools, universities and any groups interested in learning.

We offer a variety of programs tailored to any age or size of educational groups

We have programs of varying degrees of length and difficulty, allowing us to offer Primary, Secondary, University and Adult Group structured learning. All our programs include hands on activities and classroom based learning for a full educational experience.

We revel in intellectually engaging and stimulating the public on the huge topic that is Natural Building, and have immersive, exciting presentations, talks, videos, and hands-on activities to suit any size or age group. 

Hayden has developed his approach to teaching over years of running countless workshops and seminars, and has a deeply connected, patient, and very insightful way of teaching even the most complex aspects of natural building. 

Single day visits and ongoing programs are available, just enquire and we’ll work to build a program perfect for your needs. 

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