Welcome to Curvatectures’ Online Dome Calculator 1.0, used for estimating the amount of SuperAdobe Bag, Barbed Wire, and Fill Material you’ll need to complete your project. It will also help you visualise the size of your Dome, with a scale figure standing beside your project for reference.

The SuperAdobe dome was pioneered and refined at Calearth, by Nadir Khalili and his teams of students and volunteers. It took years to refine this technique, and it is part of his amazing legacy left to the world. It follows a very specific set of rules and geometries, which is simple in concept, but does take some attention to detail to master in a safe and efficient way. If you’d like to learn, please do enquire and we can point you in the right direction.

These calculations are based off both theoretical geometry, and exhaustive field experience, from us here at Curvatecture, and fellow SuperAdobe builders from Calearth, and all over the world.

Please do keep in mind, they are only estimates, and we cannot be held responsible for any variations you may find when executing your projects in the real world.

Our formulas cannot account for windows or doorways, which have too many variables to be able to write in code.

We are completely open and excited to help you in any way we can, so once you have exhausted our calculator, please do get in touch to continue the process of creating your dream Home or Space.

Please get in touch with any questions you might have, or issues you can find with the programming.

This is our first public version, so we foresee a few edits and updates to come over the coming months.



Your Wall Width must not fall below 10% of the Inside Diameter of the Dome. Realistically, a builder can only lay a bag which is 500-600mm wide max, if experienced and strong enough, which leaves the maximum Internal Diameter of the Dome to be 6Meters wide. This 10% rule is great to follow, but can, in certain circumstances, be pushed to 8% if working with experienced builders and using adequately stabilised bags with cement or lime, and left to properly dry before building further. Please get in touch for more info regarding these limits.
Two rows minimum of foundation is highly recommended, no matter the size of dome, to help protect against seismic activity, and flood.
Structures taller than 3m (~9.8ft) require two rounds of barbed wire.

Structure Summary

Internal dome height
Total bag length
Total barbed wire length
Waterproof membrane x


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Fill Summary

Total fill required

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    Layer # Base height Inner radius Bag length Barbed wire length Fill volume

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