Hayden Annable


Hi! I’m Hayden, and I conceived of and began Curvatecture back in 2014, as I sat in my dorm room studying SuperAdobe at Calearth, in California.

I was a few weeks into my apprenticeship, and many things had begun to fall into place for me and my life. I had finally found a focus and direction in my life, and I wanted to share that with the world through workshops, private builds, and generally shifting my lifestyle from a traditional work-life balance, into one of a more communal, inter-weaved existence where I lived with those I work with, work where I live, and am fuelled each day by the exciting prospect of building things I dream about. This life promptly began when I returned to Australia, and since then I’ve worked in so many different places, on so many different projects, and lived in many different beautiful communities along the way.

We now have a desire to continue to grow Curvatecture, to increase it’s reach and influence oven individuals, but also larger governing bodies, to be able to spread SuperAdobe and Natural Building techniques throughout contemporary Australia and the world.


Millie Jordan

Natural Builder

Hi I’m Millie! Like many people, I found natural building while scrolling the internet and became obsessed! The dream was to gather my loved ones, buy a block of land and start building our dream homes. A friend found an earthbag workshop near me and so I set out to start my natural building education.

My first workshop was with Curvatecture and Hayden was a fantastic teacher with oozing enthusiasm and endless patience and understanding. I was learning every second about building, people, health, friendship, community and myself, I never wanted to leave.
I began an unofficial apprenticeship with Hayden which lasted the better part of 3 years, and have learnt heaps of wonderful skills, both to do with natural building, and just generally in life and community.

Now 7 Curvatecture workshops, 4 years, hundreds of magical and everlasting friendships, and thousands of unforgettable memories later, I am still just as in love and continue to learn about Natural Building while paving my way to the dream.


Selina Straub

Assistant & Online manager

Hi! I’m Selina and I fell in love with SuperAdobe after taking a class in uni on alternative and natural building technologies. That’s when I came across Willowend Roundhouse, the project that Curvatecture was working on at the time. Fast forward one year, I had moved back to Australia from Germany, and finally decided to go volunteer with Hayden at the Roundhouse. Initially I spent 4 weeks there but I got absolutely hooked and came back for another week later. What inspired me the most from this experience was the sense of community and the feeling of empowerment that comes from creating a home with your own hands. 

Apart from dreaming about my SuperAdobe retreat & environmental education centre that I want to create in the future, I spend most of my free time surfing. I also have a love for photography, design, marquetry and collecting hats


Want to join our team? We’re always on the lookout for new apprentices! If you feel it’s time to run away and join the circus, please do get in touch