Moe Dome


Workshop held by Curvatecture, with Adam Hickman of Evergreen Homes and Cam Imray of Agari Natural Builders

The first workshop I ever ran was fresh from my apprenticeship at CalEarth, at a small  community called Wurruk’an as it was still  forming. It was an amazing week, full of great people and huge challenges, but I felt incredibly well supported by the staff and participants. We had a great time learning and sharing, and many of the people there are still great friends, almost 4 years on. You can watch the documentary about the eco-village here

It features a reclaimed corrugated iron roof, light-earth insulation, lime external render and cob internal, poured adobe floor, reclaimed door and hand-made windows, and all earth for the bags was dug from onsite.


The build itself was fraught with over-complicated design, and a few fatal errors on my behalf, which made us unable to actually complete it as a Dome, which was the original intension, and we decided to put a roof on it and build it into a Roundhouse!

It was quite simple one of the greatest learning processes for me as a SuperAdobe builder, and it has instilled in me countless cautionary lessons and understandings. I was so blessed to be able to work with such generous, understanding, fun-loving people as my first workshop, and have such fond memories of the time spent there.

Hayden Annable