Medicine Hut


Here is our Medicine Hut, completed on a property out in Gippsland VIC called Eden Hill farm. We ran an internship program called the S.N.A.P, an acronym for the Super Natural Apprentice Program. We had people from all over Victoria and the World come and join us, and we had a great time for 3 months, from October until December 2018.

We ran a permaculture weekend, a SuperAdobe building Workshop, basic carpentry, made a compost powered hot water system, plastered this amazing building, and lived communally for 3 months. It was a wild ride, and we miss every single participant very dearly.

It is constructed out of SuperAdobe, with a clay and lime render on the inside and out. Insulated roof, with reclaimed roofing steel, reclaimed glass skylight, reclaimed floor-board door, natural stone skirt, reclaimed double-glazed window glass which was framed out with reclaimed fence posts, pot-belly burner with old milk processing pipes as the flue, all powered by a single battery solar setup, so there’s always lovely lights. Ultimately, a very resourceful and fun build.

Although the workshops didn’t work out exactly as planned, we pushed through and ended up with this amazing building you see here. We’re very proud, and the owners are very happy.

Hayden Annable