Willowend Roundhouse


This project has been an absolutely  amazing experience. The scale of it is ambitious, and the team has risen to the challenges every time! It is the first time something of this size has been done in Australia, or close to the world, with council approval, and it means a huge leap forward for the technology within our shores.

It was a private Owner Builder couple, Pete and Ursula, who undertook this amazing project, and enlisted Curvatecture and over 300+ volunteers from all over the world, and took over 2 years to build it.

It was Curvatecture’s first major project, and it was a huge challenge. Physically, it was relentlessly exhausting and demanding of Hayden and Millie, but the spark and energy of the crew, with new faces coming every week, is what really pulled them through and kept everyone laughing. Everyone had a magical time, albeit very challenging at points.

The pride we feel now to see Pete, Ursula and their family in the home is ultimately indescribable. It’s the first time we’ve completed such an epic project, and the first family we’ve helped house.

We can’t wait for SuperAdobe to become more popular in Australia, and we’re sure with time we’ll see it creeping further and further into the mainstream.

The build features 4 Rammed Earth walls, with the rest of the circular and straight walls being made from SuperAdobe. It has a standard corrugated iron roof, with all mod-cons, a standard septic, and all powered by solar. It should remain a steady temperature inside during the harsh Australian summers, and cool victorian winters. We’ve also built a cob pizza oven, a water heater for the shower and a small dome that will function as an external guest room and can sleep two people.

Hayden Annable